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Please note that there are many ways to remove a tenant without a court judgment. Only cases that have ended in a judgment against the tenant will appear on this report. For more information about the kind of tenant your applicant has been in the past, you can order a Landlord Verification from the AAOA ala carte menu.

A criminal report will include the following information for each criminal record in the applicant’s profile: • Name, address, Social Security Number, date of birth and gender. • The category of the crime, source ID, case number and the filing date. • Arrest date, name of the offense and disposition. • Sex Offender. OFAC. Terrorist and Federal Searches These searches will uncover more information than a credit score could ever tell you. Based on name and date of birth, the results will certainly help you decide on whether you want to rent your property to that individual. SSN Verifier Plus The Social Security Number Verifier Plus is an indicator as to whether your prospective renter is using a legitimate number issued to them by the United States government. The results will show you the state in which the number was assigned, the year it was issued, date of birth of the person given that number and what their name is. Negative results could indicate fraud and/or identity theft. A landlord who makes their leasing decisions based purely on a credit score is running the risk of renting to a very undesirable tenant and living to regret it. Protect your investment and your business by collecting as much information as possible before making your choice.

LeaseGuarantee Analyzer

In order to protect our members from loss of income up to $10,000 as a consequence of a non-paying tenant, AAOA has an exclusive affiliation with LeaseGuarantee. You will be reimbursed for losses incurred from legal fees, unpaid rent and even damages to your property. The LeaseGuarantee Analyzer qualifies the applicant based on their credit history and determines the cost of that protection. State Specific or Nationwide Criminal As with the eviction report, you can order a state specific or nationwide criminal report for the last seven years. This report will list only criminal records where a judgment has been rendered and not arrests where further action was not taken.

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Nancy Abrams has enjoyed a long career in real estate marketing throughout Southern California and Las Vegas. She formerly represented 19 Merrill Lynch Realty branch offices, property managers The Roberts Companies, new home developers, including master planned communities Peccole Ranch and The Valencia Company and shopping centers for Sandy Sigel of NewMark Merrill.

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