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SUCCESS WAS HER DESTINY FROM SECTION 8 HOUSING TO REAL ESTATE INFLUENCER San Diego native Destiny Roxas is shaking up her local real estate market by helping first-time homebuyers and investors move to the highly competitive Southern California market. As a high-volume agent with Big Block Realty, Inc., in San Diego, she has become an influencer to watch. Her reach expands beyond just San Diego. With over 20K followers on Instagram and YouTube, she was recently voted among the Top 50 Real Estate Agents in the U.S on social media by Property Spark. Destiny’s story began in Section 8 housing with her mom, where she says she learned the ethic of hard work. Despite the stigma that came with

subsidized housing, food stamps, and federal student loans, she is now proud of where she came from and advocates for programs that can help others succeed. Alexandra Alvarado, AAOA’s Director of Marketing and Education, interviewed Destiny Roxas about her journey and her take on the real estate market.

You were voted one of the most influential real estate agents this year. Clearly you are influencing not only your clients at home in San Diego, but a lot of people outside of that circle. How and why did you decide to grow a following around real estate? I hopped on social media pretty early. When I entered real estate in 2015, not a lot of people were taking advantage of free marketing platforms like Instagram and Facebook (and now Tik Tok and YouTube).

I come at it from an educational standpoint because after the crash of ’08 with everything that happened with the financial and lending industries, there were a lot of misunderstandings and not a lot of trust. And I wanted people to understand the biggest investment of their life. For me, it was really important to lead with education and create a feeling of confidence in that big purchase. That being said, I try to make it entertaining and it’s cool to be

recognized. I know that you’ve also helped investors add properties. How do you work with them? There is a plethora of classes that are available through the National Association of Realtors. Not many agents take advantage of that, but it’s something that comes with our membership and our license. For me, it’s imperative to stay up to date on certain codes, such as ethics codes or new rental ADU

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