RENT Magazine Q2 '22


Chasing the latest trends in amenities can leave even seasoned multifamily property managers feeling like they’re running in circles. Rooftop terraces, community gardens, covered parking - deciding which amenities are most desirable and sustainable takes analysis and commitment. And even with all the planning, that outdoor pizza oven may soon become the loneliest spot on your property six months from now.

Luckily, there is one foundational amenity that you can bet will offer ROI today and years from now: advanced access control. Whether you call it keyless entry, wireless access or electronic access, access control is typically comprised of doors enabled with smart locks and software that allows you to manage these doors. This solution ensures the right people gain entry to the right spaces on your property at the right time. Due in part to the pandemic and also sweeping digital transformation throughout the multifamily sector, access control solutions are quickly

becoming standard amenities in apartment communities across the country. They get high marks from renters on the convenience front. Plus, property managers enjoy improved security and significant savings in both time and money. But how do you decide which access control solution is right for your multifamily property? The checklist below outlines some key features and benefits that are must-haves if you’re looking for an effective solution that’s also a good long-term investment.

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