RENT Magazine Q2 '22

Among other things, a modern access control solution that’s based in the cloud gives property managers the ability to control access remotely. You can create or revoke access codes from anywhere using an app on your phone. This immediately eliminates a time-sucking hassle that property managers have long grappled with: the need to be on-site to let people in and out, in and out, in and out. Instead, the access control app on your phone or laptop is your point-of-command to create new access codes for new residents, delete old codes for former residents, and issue time-bound codes for deliveries or emergency maintenance. With a cloud-based access control solution, the guessing game of who is where and when is finally over. You never have to worry again about residents duplicating or losing keys. Maintenance professionals only have access to the spaces you allow. You gain insight into amenity use by tracking users and popular times at your property’s fitness center and pool. A cloud-based access control solution allows you and your staff to see every entry and exit from a single, live dashboard. Most cloud-based solutions don’t require expensive servers and panels, their installation or the on-site personnel to manage them. Instead of a huge capital investment up front, you pay a monthly subscription fee and rest assured that any software updates happen automatically. Better yet, such a nimble solution is scalable, allowing you to easily accommodate new doors as your portfolio grows or as you phase in more doors on your current properties. For example, how about adding a secure mail room? E-commerce and the increase in package deliveries aren’t likely to fall off. Make it easy on residents and yourself with a “smart” mail room that allows delivery drivers time-bound access to the secure space to drop off packages for residents.

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