RENT Magazine Q2 '22

Most multifamily properties are outfitted with all kinds of spaces featuring different doors—entrances and storage, laundry and mail rooms, just to name a few. Plus, there are difficult-to-manage access points like doors on older buildings, glass doors, parking garage gates and elevators. For streamlined operations and your own sanity, you need one system to handle all these doors. Look for solutions that feature “universal” access control, offer a wide choice in smart locks from leading brands and accommodate both smart locks on residential units and wired doors. Many access control solutions on the market today only work with their proprietary smart locks or a limited selection of hardware choices. Instead, consider a solution that offers the greatest diversity in access devices ensuring you get a future-proof system. If you have existing smart locks, a hardware-agnostic solution can also save you a bundle as you don’t have to rip and replace hardware. Plus, you can choose the hardware that works and looks best for your particular application.

Manages Every Door ✓

Hardware- Agnostic ✓

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