RENT Magazine Q2 '21

HOW TO I NVEST I N REAL ESTATE 100% REMOTELY AAOA members, Stacy Conkey, shares how she successfully grew her multi-million dollar portfolio out of state.

If you have been struggling to find real estate deals in your hometown market you are not alone. Even when you find deals, the sellers are often asking way too much and it could seem like the world is working against you. You may spend countless hours searching and quickly end up running out of deals to consider. The numbers seem to never work, and it can feel like an uphill battle. And it makes you wonder, “Is it me? Am I doing something wrong?” It’s not YOU, it’s your market! Real estate markets are like tides in the ocean. Sometimes the tide is low and there are infinite opportunities for you to invest in, also known as a buyer’s market. However, now the tides are high, competition is fierce, and other sharks swimming in the waters are fighting over the same fish to eat. If you are in a seller’s market you may be forced to sit and

wait sometimes years without landing any real estate deals. Traditional real estate investing advice teaches a “wait in your home market even if it’s a competitive seller’s market” type of strategy. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. I have been doing real estate investing outside my home market for almost two decades. I live in San Diego, California. Besides the great location, and living in sunny California, there are zero cash flow deals in my home

market. I didn’t want to leave my home to build a real estate portfolio so I adapted and started investing in other markets, 100% remotely.



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