RENT Magazine Q2 '21


Lauren and Kyle Clugston represent a new generation of house hacking pros that are finding creative ways to break into the rental industry. In just 3 years out of college, they've created a profitable rental portfolio and they’ve documented their entire investment journey on YouTube and Instagram, amassing over 30,000 followers.

Alexandra (AAOA): I love your YouTube series that documents your investing journey. The whole time I was watching, I wondered, is this a full- time gig or do they have jobs too? Your renovations seem so intense at times I imagine it’s hard to juggle both. Lauren: Yeah, we get it all the time because it's a video series that makes it look like we’re working the whole week but really it's compressed down into basically just weekends. We both have full-time jobs I'm in higher education marketing. Kyle: And I'm a Jersey state trooper. So we basically just don't have much free time right now. Alexandra (AAOA): I can imagine! How and when did you get started?

What’s house hacking? According to Lauren, it’s a way to turn your primary residence from a liability into an asset by living in your own multi-family property. The Clugstons launched this simple strategy right out of college, and it's working. They've shared their journey from the start with the world, recording everything from analyzing new deals, to rehabbing the properties they’ve purchased, to filling vacancies - and they both have full-time jobs! Their story has inspired young and seasoned investors alike to rethink their investment strategies and get motivated to grow. Here is their interview with AAOA's Director of Marketing, Alexandra Alvarado.

Pictured is the Clugston's first duplex property purchase in 2017.

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