RENT Magazine Q2 '21

Kyle: I was always fixing the stuff that would go wrong in the rentals that we lived in with our friends in college and Lauren was always researching slowly in the background about different investment strategies and what to do with your money. I like fixing things and being super hands on. It wasn't until after we graduated that we both came together to form the formula that we have now, which works so well.

amount of money saved just because I'm a saver.

And the kicker is if we do it right, we'll basically live rent free.” And he agreed! Alexandra (AAOA): It sounds like you make a good team. So Kyle, you do the handiwork, and Lauren you do more of like the deal analysis? Is that right? Lauren: I would say we both do the property search and analysis, just because to be honest, that's the fun part and we both like to do that. I handle all the admin stuff that has to do with banking like applying for the loan and making sure they have all the documents and then once we close, Kyle takes over and does the renovation. Kyle: From our first property to now our process has evolved and eventually we want to be more hands-off on renovations, focusing on managing the property and hiring help. For example, I'm not driving out to do maintenance calls anymore, but when we first started, we both did everything because it was fun and exciting, but as we're growing and treating this more like a business, we are realizing that it's best for us to delineate tasks.

And I thought we can either put all this money down on a house or we could figure out some way to invest it, so I just Googled what to invest in in your twenties. And I found a Brandon Turner article about real estate investing and house hacking. After reading that, I came to Kyle and asked, “What do you think about buying a two-family fixer- upper, you’ll renovate it, and we’ll have tenants rent out the other side.

Lauren: We wanted to buy a house and I had a decent

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