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To the right is a recent Instagram post showing the Clugstons progress on a new duplex renovation.

and return on investment. For example, I can get $1,000 per month in cashflow, which might sound really cool, but if I invested $200,000 to get that, it’s not such a good deal. Overall, we're looking for around $200 per door in pure cashflow. What we mean by pure cashflow is after fixed expenses and after setting aside reserves for maintenance repairs and property management. Even though we self-manage, my time isn't free and if we ever want to outsource that in the future, I want to make sure that we budgeted for it. And ideally at least 15% cash on cash return of our invested funds. Alexandra (AAOA): What advice would you give to an individual or investor that wants to grow, but doesn’t feel like they have the time?

time, because they have kids and other responsibilities. Right now, Lauren and I utilize all of our off time strictly on properties, but in 30 years we'll have properties paid off by someone else and we’ll be able to refinance and grow or sell and use for a comfortable retirement. You need to have a “strong why” in order to stay motivated. If you have kids, maybe your “strong why” is you want to be a stay- at-home parent or you want to be able to send them to private school, or take them on more vacations. I think if you can tie investing to that vision, the motivation will come. Lauren: Instead of saying, “I don't have time to invest in real estate”, I rephrase it to “Taking care of my financial future is not a priority to me”. Well, when you say it like that it hits you in the gut a little bit.

Kyle: I get this question from the guys at work all the

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