RENT Magazine Q2 '21

because you buy one property, doesn't mean you have to buy 20 and become a real estate investor for the rest of your life. Even if you just buy one, that's still a smart financial decision. And if you enjoyed it and you find it worth your time, then you can get property number two. I think people get so overwhelmed by the end goal that they just never start. Kyle: Also, maybe you don't feel like doing management. A lot of people don't like management. Luckily Lauren loves it because if it were just me, I probably would be paying for management. From investor to investor, the strategy is going to vary. If you want to be hands-off you can invest in syndication, REITs, you can be a private lender, or equity

partner. If you want to be super hands-on, you can do more of the DIY style that we do. The cool thing about real estate is there are a lot of ways you can invest depending on your risk tolerance. Alexandra (AAOA): In closing, is there anything that most people don’t know about you? Perhaps how you manage your work-life balance off- screen? Kyle: Well, we're both training for an Olympic triathlon, which has been fun. We love the beach, so once the weather breaks, we'll be down at the shore all the time swimming in the ocean. We just got scuba certified as well. When we’re not renovating, we go to the beach every weekend and completely unplug. Right now we are trying to push this renovation so that by Memorial Day weekend we’re done. Lauren: Yeah, after this renovation, we'll start posting a lot more of our personal life on our channel and Instagram too. Alexandra (AAOA): I’m looking forward to seeing that, and I’m sure your followers will find that interesting as well!

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