RENT Magazine Q2 '21


During the pandemic, companies hustled to come up with new and innovative ways to meet consumer demands resulting in quicker, more user-friendly products and services which ultimately improved convenience.

It also accelerated the need for self-service and personalized options. Traditional ways of doing things became outdated, seemingly overnight. As we begin the recovery, old technologies will fall by the wayside as operators look for ways to manage their assets more efficiently and cost effectively. Everyone will be looking for smarter and quicker ways to rent apartments. Today’s renters are digitally motivated and want to use their mobile devices to research and experience things in real time and on their terms. Scott Villani, Chief Strategy Officer at The NRP Group, which manages over 19,000 residential units said, “Self- guided tours have become a vital part of the leasing experience.” If you are not offering personal and engaging technology solutions for renters, you may be missing out on valuable leads. Recent statistics show over 30% of self-guided tours P A G E 3 9 |

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