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1. Make the Business Case for Change

happen when leasing offices are closed.

Shaw Henry, senior manager of development for Brookfield Properties, about the success of leasing The Place at Fifth and Broadway in Nashville, TN. Getting started can be as simple as offering a tour scheduler for self-showings.

Make your compelling business case that the

These technology enhancements are here to stay, and the next generation of renters not only expects tech amenities, they’re demanding them. Tour Your Way Today’s renters want to do everything on their own terms, and don’t like being pressured. Renters expect to have flexible options and tour times. They want to tour when they want. Not during the limited dates and times made available by properties. Allowing valuable prospects to tour when it’s convenient for them, is a win-win. Finding their home, on their own time, in a way that is comfortable, is a necessity today. 87% of prospects said they would rather take a self- guided tour than tour with a live agent. Prospects consistently share feedback that they “loved that there was no pressure”, “didn’t feel rushed”, “I could go at my own pace” and that it is “so easy.” Key Steps to Launch Successful Guided Tours and Drive More Leases

longer you wait, the more leads you are losing. The biggest advantage to adopting a self-guided tour option is the potential to close leases faster. A recent study by Tour24 shows that 31% of prospects commit to leasing immediately post tour. The reason? Prospects can tour the way they want. For example, the parking garage may not be a priority, they may just want to see the fitness center, dog park, and the vacant unit. Their focus is on what matters to them, making it more likely they’ll want to sign a lease. Another advantage you can present to your team is how self-touring technology can provide consistent, high- quality tours every time even when no one is in the office. Some platforms will guide renters to luxury amenities or features that make the community interesting and unique. The technology never fails to mention what’s important. With the high turnover rate for leasing agents, having a consistent touring option will also eliminate any lapses in staffing. “In essence the app serves as a leasing consultant,” said

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