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choose to require prospects to pass security checks such as facial recognition, valid ID and credit card matching before they can schedule a tour. Other tech can ping their location and timestamp where they are and how long they stayed at specific locations along the tour. Prospects enter all their information, including credit card data, and their every move on-site is tracked. This is safer than a leasing office holding a driver’s license in a drawer. 5. The Tour Guide. What Happens in the Community? Some self-guided tours have the prospect check-in with a person on-site before they can tour on their own. They may provide an iPad or have monitors showing available units, floor plans, and maps of the property. Other companies offer an online tour scheduler to make an appointment. Although everyone is moving towards smart locks, many providers still require prospects to pick up a physical key from a lockbox. Prospects then walk around on their own, without a tour guide.

With Tour24, you can create a multimedia walking tour, much like you’d get in a museum or college tour. It highlights features and amenities and guides the prospect around the community. These prospects are hot leads. What happens when they have questions? Responding to real-time consumer needs is essential. Chatbots, smart home voice assistants, access to live agents, along with other artificial intelligence solutions are emerging to offer real-time engagement to future renters.

works and implement broadly thereafter. The longer you wait, the more leads you could be losing.

Georgianna W. Oliver CEO and Founder

6. Putting It All Together: À La Carte or One-Stop Shop

Many players in the self- guided tour space offer one piece of the puzzle (e.g. the smart lock, the map, the scheduling). Property managers can choose an à la carte solution using different vendors, or an all- in-one approach that includes pre-screening, scheduling, smart lock access, interactive tour, data reporting and analytics. Self-guided tours are here to stay. Learn everything possible about this solution in order to lease more units, and lease them faster! You can start with a subset of properties to learn what

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