RENT Magazine Q2 '21

collecting rent for you. Tenants simply input their card or account information and make their payment. Many platforms even offer a mobile app so that tenants can make payments on their phones. The software records every transaction for you, automatically creating reliable documentation of payments. You can also set up automatic payment reminders and save even more time. What’s more, renters can set up recurring payments so they don’t have to remember to pay each month. And if a tenant does forget to pay, late fees will automatically apply to their account after your set grace period. All you have to do is set the rent amount and due date, and property management software takes care of the rest for you.

review the lease, and sign the document. And if a tenant is moving from out of state, this process can take weeks. With property management software, landlords are able to upload their lease agreements so that tenants can review and sign them on their own time. This way, you don’t have to move around your schedule and block out time to meet with tenants. And although many

landlords fear that online signatures aren’t legal or verifiable, eSignatures are actually highly secure and hold up in court similar to a wet signatures. So rather than taking days or weeks, lease signing can be completed in a matter of minutes with no additional work from landlords. Collecting Rent All successful rental businesses must efficiently and effectively collect rent payments. When tenants pay you directly, you must count their cash payments, write receipts, deposit checks, and manually update your books. To do it well, you traditionally needed to commit a serious amount of time to rent collection. Property management software handles all of the tasks associated with

Managing Maintenance

Maintenance requests are inevitable. The more tenants


you manage, the more maintenance requests

you’re likely to receive. The last thing you want is for an email or message to go unnoticed in your inbox and for the issue to worsen. At the same time, landlords are busy and have a lot of tasks to juggle. It’s easy for maintenance requests to

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