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applicant. If preferences are requested by the prospect, it’s fine for those to determine which vacancies you show a prospect, unless those preferences exhibit bigotry. For example, if an applicant with young children requests an apartment next to the playground, it would be appropriate to show those. Establish a Policy on the Order You Show Vacancies It is helpful if you have a general policy for the order in which you show or offer vacancies. The order can be based on the units that have been vacant the longest, or the order can be based on the prospect’s answers to interview questions. To defend against claims of illegal steering, if you use preferences obtained from

Since you have several children, our experience has shown that we will have less complaints from neighbors if you live on the first floor. That area of the property is viewed as our “quiet” area, so you should choose an apartment in a different area closer to other young families. I just don’t see you as fitting into this the prospect, keep notes or guest cards describing the areas of the community the prospect requested and the reasons for the preferences. Statements to Avoid Here’s a short list of the most common statements that risk liability for illegal steering. Remember any and all protected categories can be substituted in these examples.

I’m not permitted to be a bigot in my work, but if you are, it’s fine with me. Just tell me what you are looking for and I’ll find it. This property has a lot of Mexican Americans, so you should fit right in. I own several duplexes in this area, and you will probably feel more comfortable in one of my other duplexes. I assume from your last name you are Jewish like me. I have a vacant apartment that is next door to another Jewish family. Would you like to see it? community, I’m sure I can find you a different property where you would be more comfortable. Local Schools For families with school age children, the local schools are often a topic of discussion between housing providers and prospects. Since the quality of the local schools can be a somewhat disguised method for describing the racial and national origin characteristics of the surrounding community, the National Association of Realtors recommends that agents use caution when answering questions about the local schools. To avoid inadvertently steering prospects, housing

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