RENT Magazine Q2 '21

Think about your smartphone: you don’t just talk to people with it; you manage your life, access your bank account, control your thermostat, order food, and schedule appointments with it. Now you can manage access to your property on the go.

more likely to reside in a property that offers tech- based access. Tenants benefit from easy access to the fitness room, pool, or common areas at their convenience - without keys that need to be constantly managed or replaced. Contactless access, important for COVID-19 and beyond From mobile shopping to contactless access control technology, touchless solutions are permeating the lives of residents and property owners. While limiting human contact is an obvious plus for increasing safety measures for COVID-19, touchless processes are quicker and more convenient for users, making them a sustainable trend expected to last

beyond the pandemic. In today's environment, self- guided tours help reduce social contact so you can minimize risk while also saving time and money. Moreover, potential renters love being able to tour on their own schedules. You send the prospective tenant a mobile invitation that specifies the time of entry and the duration of the visit. They can tour the unit without one of your staff ever having to be there. Benefits of smart locks to owners Understandably, many property owners are reluctant to adopt new technologies because of a concern for obsolescence. Smart locks are proven in

and effectively through cloud software updates, they never become obsolete and so are future-proofed. Property owners who recognize these facts are winning the new business competition and doing so without spending a king’s ransom. Smart locks enable you to keep tabs on who comes and goes. Owners can instantly give, remove and schedule access to their unit to allow entry for contractors, potential tenants and their agents, and anyone else. Control is at their fingertips with the smart locks. Along with that control, property owners have real-time and historical data on who accessed the building, when, and for how long. Smart lock retrofits are quick and affordable. They are designed to easily

countless multifamily applications and are

becoming the norm in new construction. Because they can be upgraded quickly

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