RENT Magazine Q2 '21


Today’s advanced smart locks are more than gimmicks, and they’re way beyond the early adoption phase. More and more multifamily properties are implementing smart locks that entice savvy tenants who expect advanced features, eliminate key management issues and the costs associated with rekeying, enable controlled access for service technicians, and deliver powerful analytics to allow property managers to monitor and control tenant security. A little background Traditional wired access control has been around for

years, but it was complex, never user friendly or flexible, and it required dedicated equipment including servers, panels, and the support of an IT access control guru. More importantly it was expensive, and because of the expense it was limited to controlling a minimal number of doors, usually just the main entryways on the perimeter of the building. Each access control system operated one building only.

your hand. It's also scalable, meaning building owners can start with one door and expand the system to include multiple buildings at multiple locations and with an unlimited number of doors. Your target audience manages their lives with smartphones Based on recent surveys, current and future living plans of Millennials and Gen Zs indicate multifamily living will be their mainstay. Together, they account for 50.7 % of the US population. They grew up on smartphones, live on their smartphone and are much

Wireless access control is a game changer. Its “plug and

play” functionality integrates with any

smartphone and you can control every door in the building from the palm of

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