RENT Magazine Q1 '23


The point of The Story is to get a prospect to relate to your property and imagine themselves living there as they browse the website. The rst way you achieve this goal is using headlines and descriptive text throughout your website that paint an accurate picture of life at your property. In other words, don’t use words that simply sound nice, use words that highlight bene ts and positive outcomes.


YES Examples

NO Examples

“Apartment Homes That Can Fit Your Whole Family for Dinner” “A Community Where New Neighbors Become Close Friends”

“Affordable Apartments in Phoenix, Arizona” “Luxury Apartments Near Downtown Dallas”

While the NO examples are great for SEO and should be included somewhere in the text on your website, they don’t tell prospects anything about how their life will be bene ted by living at your property. Therefore, they shouldn’t be used in the “prime real estate,” AKA headlines, of your site. The second way to tell the story is through the imagery you use. If you only use imagery of empty or staged apartment units, then prospects won't be able to visualize themselves living in that space. It will also make your complex feel cold or “less alive.” To avoid this, you should also include imagery of real people that captures life at your property as well as the look and feel of it. This can be accomplished with well-chosen stock imagery.

Lastly, being that residents won’t be spending 100% of their time inside their apartments, it’s also great to have a neighborhood page on your website that lists nearby shops, restaurants, schools, hospitals, entertainment spots, etc. This way, prospects get a clear idea of all the fun stuff that’s available nearby.


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