RENT Magazine Q2 '22

Winning Ways in Commercial Real Estate: 18 Successful Women Unveil the Tips of the Trade in the Real Estate World is the ultimate resource for anyone looking to learn from top experts in retail commercial real estate. These women share their tips, strategies, and real-life experiences to help you gain insight so that you can easily succeed in the commercial real estate industry.

In this book, you will learn: • The art of being the successful female candidate in a male-dominated industry • Planning as an important part of

accountability and success • Key insights to small shop franchise development

“I found this book to be very interesting and informative with…the many stories of life experiences of each of the women authors. They provided a platform to weave their working lives with their personal lives and the outcome made this book impossible to put down. Five stars for sure!!” -H.W.

Whether you are just beginning or are a seasoned investor, Diaries of a Female Real Estate Investor includes real estate investing tips and strategies that work. A wise person learns from OPE (other people's experiences) and methods. This

Winning Deals in Heels is the result of Nancy Wallace- Laabs' candid conversations with successful women real estate investors. Real women who are in the trenches, doing it every

day, sharing the defining moments and lessons they learned on their journey to success. If you've ever thought about becoming a real estate investor, chances are you will recognize some of the same feelings of doubt and exhilaration described within these fascinating, inspirational and motivating stories.

book will help you discover how to invest in real estate the right way with proven methods used by thousands of investors across the United States. Grab your copy today and learn how to create long-term, sustainable wealth through real estate and grow your portfolio in record time.

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